Coco Palms Resort
Legendary Hospitality Blue Hawaii Weddings

Coco Palms is a legendary resort that, for nearly 40 years, welcomed guests from throughout the islands and around the world, bringing everyone together with great aloha.  From this aloha, a unique and wonderful community thrived for many years.

Romantic "Blue Hawaii" weddings and vow renewals are still being performed by Larry Rivera along the historic lagoons and in the famed chapel at Coco Palms. Larry Rivera may be contacted via email at

Recent History

Kauai Planning Commission Approvals

Today it is the last Kaua’i hotel still shuttered by 1992’s Hurricane Iniki.  Plans were underway for more than three years to bring Coco Palms back to life, to restore it for all of the past guests who treasure their memories of this Polynesian paradise, and for the people of Kaua’i who could once again make these lands at sacred Wailua a place of aloha, for Kaua’i and for the world.

The Coco Palms Resort was approved by the Kauai Planning Commission for up to 200 condominiums, 104 hotel units, retail shops and restaurants on the 18.8 acre Resort-zoned parcel.  A pedestrian overpass from the Coco Palms Resort to the Seashell Restaurant was also approved. 
World Famous Development Opportunity
Coco Palms is the site of the famous wedding scene in Elvis Presley’s film “Blue Hawaii” It was also the home of Queen Debroah Kapule, the last reigning queen of Kaua’i Coco Palms, with its historical lagoons, magical coconut grove and sacred grounds, provides a wonderful setting for a development commensurate with the lifestyle and beauty of Kauai.  It beckons to be brought back to life.